Facilities of the Department of Electronics

The Department of Electronics has well equipped laboratories for undergraduate students and post graduate students. Practical sessions are conducted in the undergraduate laboratories covering variousl subject areas of Electronics such as Digital Electronic, Ananog Electronics, Data Aquisition & Signal Processing, Microprocessor Technology, Configurable Hardware Desing with FPGAs, Telecommunication Technology etc. Further, the laborateris have facilities for simulations and Computer Aided Design.

At present the Nano Technology laborartory conduct postgraduate research in various fields in nano technology and polymer electronics. The laboratory is equipped with instruments such as Gas Chromatograph Gc-2014, UV Spectrophotometer, Hokuto Denko HA 301 Potentiostat/Galvostat, Carbolite Tube Furnance, Carbolite Furnance, Metrohm Autolab m101, Sibata Tube Oven, AC Impedance Analyser, AC Impedance measurement, Polarization Tester, Cyclic Votametry, Glass Tube Furnance etc.



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