Insurance & Valuation

B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Insurance & Valuation

The Department of Insurance and Valuation offers B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Insurance and Valuation. This course extensively covers all aspects of insurance and valuation, and is expected to produce approximately 25 graduates each year.

The objectives of the B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Insurance and Valuation is to offer the students a sound academic and professional background in Insurance and Valuation enabling them to develop productive business organizations and management disciplines in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the world. It would also concentrate on producing outstanding graduates who are employable in the private section.

Distinctive curriculum

We want students to choose department of insurance and valuation because our distinctive and high quality degrees will best equip them to understand and engage with field of insurance and embark on the most interesting and rewarding careers available.

The syllabus of B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Insurance & Valuation
Common courses in first two years1
            Semester I

       Code          Course Name          

          Semester I

       Code          Course Name   

Year 1
  • MGT 1114    Principles of Management
  • BNF 1113    Microeconomics
  • BSF 1113    Business Mathematics I
  • BSF 1123    Business Environment
  • ACT 1114    Financial Accountin
  • ELT  1110   English I -Grammatical Foundation

Credits for Year I Semester I      17

  • MGT 1224  Organizational Behavior 
  • BNF  1224  Macroeconomics
  • BSF 1233   Business Mathematics II     
  • BSF 1243   Information Technology
  • ACT 1224   Cost & Management Accounting
  • ELT 1210   English II Composition

Credits for Year I Semester II      18

Total Credit for Year I      35

Year 2
  • MGT 2114  Human Resource Management    
  • BSF 2114  Business Statistics     
  • BSF 2123  Computer Software & Applications     
  • ACT 2114  Taxation & Auditing     
  • BSF 2131  Business Communication I  

Credits for Year II Semester I      16

  • MGT 2224  Marketing Management     
  • BNF 2214  Managerial Economics     
  • BSF 2244  Commercial Law & Industrial Law     
  • ACT 2224  Financial Management     
  • BSF 2251  Business Communication II

Credits for Year II Semester II      17   

Total Credit for Year II      33

Total Credits for Year I and II      68


1 Course codes consisted of the faculty code (BSF) Department codes & Unit code i.e. Dept of Accountancy – ACT, Dept of Banking & Finance – BNF, Dept of Business Management – MGT, Dept of Insurance & Valuation – INS, English Language Teaching (ELT) Unit.



Specialization courses in Insurance and Valuation (offer in third and fourth years)

             Semester I

       Code          Course Name    

         Semester I

       Code          Course Name

Year 3
  • INS   3113   Principles & Practice of Insurance     
  • INS   3123   Risk Management     
  • INS   3134   Miscellaneous Insurance     
  • MGT 3124  Management Information System     
  • MGT 3133  Management Science Applications

Credits for Year III Semester I      17 

  • INS 3244   Life Assurance     
  • INS 3253   Motor Insurance     
  • INS 3263   Fire & Engineering Insurance     
  • INS 3273   Research Methodology


Credits for Year III Semester II      13 

Total Credits for Year III      30

Year 4
  • INS 4113   Marine Insurance     
  • INS 4123   Valuation for Insurance     
  • INS 4114   Strategic Management

Credits for Year IV Semester I      10  

  • INS 4233   Insurance Claims Management     
  • INS 4243   Reinsurance     
  • INS 4256   Industrial Training and Dissertation

Credits for Year IV Semester II      12

Total Credits for Year IV      22
Total Credits for Year III and IV      52
Total Credits for the Degree   120

In additional to the theoretical background , every student should spend one year Management Training at a Business Enterprise and have to prepare a comprehensive dissertation on issues of Insurance in Sri Lanka.

Career Areas

  • Underwriting
  • Claims/Loss Adjusting
  • Brokering
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Risk Management/Surveying
  • Administration/Processing
  • Compliance
  • HR/Training and Development
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Reinsurance

Introduction to the Management Training Programme

One year management training is a major part of the B.Sc. Insurance and Valuation (Special) Degree offered by the Department of Insurance and Valuation, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. The training offers total of Six Credits, two credits for the training and four for the final report. This training programme intends to make students exposed to corporate environment so that the undergraduates will be able to understand the relationship between theory and practices.

Undergraduates will be placed in selected business organizations which will enable them to integrate and apply the theoretical knowledge, skills, capabilities and value acquired from their course work in first three years. The training also provides undergraduates with opportunities for reflective learning in practical settings and to develop competencies in work skills. Also it will help undergraduates to develop career opportunities as students those who perform well may be absorbed to permanent cadre of the relevant organizations.

Student Training Record Book - 2016




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