“Wayamba Sithru” Islandwide Art Competition

“Wayamba Sithru” is an islandwide Art competition for all Sri Lankan school children. It is a huge piece of work organized by the “Nutsoc”, the Nutrition Society of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. The competition is held in commemoration of the 20thanniversary of the Department of Applied Nutrition, Faculty of Livestock, fisheries and Nutrition, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. The key objective of the activity is to raise awareness in school community on food, nutrition and wellbeing while appreciating their creativity. This is a proposal of the third year Nutrition specializing students, that made into action by special guidance of Dr. Anoma Chandrasekara, Senior treasurer of the Nutrition Society who is also the Head of the Department and Mrs. JIK. Hettiarachchi, Lecturer of the Department of Applied Nutrition.

“Wayamba Sithru” is already in action with the permission of the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. We believe that ‘’Art’’ would be one of the best ways to speak to the young minds of our future generation. Winners are promised for cash prizes and many other valuable prices in each category. There will be certificates presented for the hundred best paintings and many other concessionary prizes.  All participants will be given a nifty key tag to appreciate their valuable effort.

The “Wayamba Sithru” is a big effort by all the academic and nonacademic staff and students of the department of Applied Nutrition. Wayamba Sithru raffle draw is another task running parallel to the art competition as a mean of fund raising.
wayamba sithru

Applied Nutrition
Nutrition society


The Nutrition society of Wayamba University (NutSoc) was established in 2002 mainly to develop a linkage between the university and the community through disseminating nutrition knowledge and applying it to the community, conducting  various outreach nutrition activities with the help of public and private sector organizations. different activities are planned by the society with the purpose of developing the skills and changing the attitudes & approaches of the undergraduates towards professional work.

NutSoc expects to strive towards building a healthier nation through dissemination nutrition knowledge and helping to produce more energetic, creative and efficient professionals for different fields in food and nutrition.

Activities of this year...

Nutritional assessment and awareness programs

Body Mass Index, body frame size, waist to hip ratio, fat mass and lean mass were calculated and individual counseling was done on the results obtained. Also advices were given on food habits, physical activities and other nutritional aspects. Participants were educated on anemia with demonstrations, posters and exhibits. Slide shows were presented on various diseases. Out comes were to Improve the nutritional knowledge and assess their nutritional status as well as knowledge on healthy diet.

  • For University staff of the Makandura premises of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka (02.03.2008).23 academic staff & 45 non academic staff participated.
  • For University students (08.04.2008) 94 students from 1st year, 2nd year & 3rd year Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition participated.
  • For school children (20.06.2008) 150 school children participated.  This programme was conducted parallel to the "International Nutrition Month".
  • For New comers-2008 (13.08.2008)  The freshers of Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition participated. To assess their nutritional status at the entrance to the university and improve their knowledge on healthy diet

Fresh milk selling outlet (12.03.2008)

An outlet was established in Makandura premises with the objective of providing low cost nutritious food for university students and staff. This programme was carried out on every Wednesdays and Fridays with the theme of "start the day with nutritious drink".  The University Staff and students consumed fresh milk.


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